Louisiana-based Company Launches New Initiative for Products Made in the USA

Visionary and entrepreneur Matthew Cameron grew up in the 70s and 80s, when the shift to outsourcing USA jobs and products began in full swing. Today, as a technology professional, he is often told we need to focus on technology as our future. This led him to question “why can’t strengthening America be our focus through products and services made in the USA?”

Digging deeper, he found that there is a general perception that few American made products exist. Research says differently. There is an abundance of products and services “made in the USA,” but people don’t know where to find them or how to get them.

Matthew Cameron, co-founder of WeShopAmerican.com

“My dad worked for GM for 30 years,” Cameron said. “American ingenuity was a common discussion around the dining room table, both supporting American-made products and having pride in American-made companies. The main reason . . . they put food on our table and clothes on our backs.”

With that history and a desire for unique and trendy products, Cameron, along with his Idea Coterie partners, is turning his passion for Made in America quality products into a curated and targeted showcase – WeShopAmerican.com.

So what is WeShopAmerican.com? We Shop American (WSA) is the handshake with the designers, manufacturers, inventors and creators who support the resurgent pride in all things homegrown and produced. The WSA team reviews items that are founded in American ingenuity and pride. Before a product is featured, it must meet standards to earn the WSA stamp of approval. A score (or percentage) is given depending on where the company is based, where its products are designed, where its materials are found, and where construction and assembly are completed.

We Shop American promotes unique American creativity and drive whether it is a product, dining, event, media or notable store that sells American-made products. Through daily posts, it spotlights a single item from an American firm.

“With the status of the American economy and the perception that materials are no longer made in America, we have built a site that supports and hopefully strengthens the American economy,” Cameron said. By showcasing unique American-made products, We Shop American provides a way to draw attention to the abundance of American-made products available today.

We Shop American was created by technology people who long for the good old USA and a time of homegrown ideas and ingenuity. Through curation, they’ve brought an immediate and relevant solution and are looking for others who have the same desire.

The resurgence for American-made products is clear, whether big like Allen Edmunds to Zippo, or small like Anderson-Little to Zeroll. We Shop American applauds these efforts and is excited to be on the cutting edge of helping lead others to participate in the ‘made in America’ movement. We Shop American has already begun the work of sorting and listing many unique and cool items waiting your review and support. Remember, when you’re not online, look at the tag, look on the bottom, and before you make a purchase, think about how you can make a difference in our economy by simply buying American.

About Idea Coterie
The Idea Coterie, a Louisiana-based actionable technology think tank, is an umbrella  organization for startup activity, investment, creation and inspiration. Idea Coterie promotes entrepreneurial endeavors to drive economic development and small business. It’s founding partners are a group of technology professionals and entrepreneurs.

For more information, contact:
Patricia Cameron, ABC

(318) 366-2068


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